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Friends are smart.
Crowds are dumb.

What makes this totally awesome

Your friends will define your search results. We will change how you find and share local business information.

Easy To Use

Your grandma might not be able to use this. But your mom probably can.
Simple: Lykee or No-Lykee

Map Navigation

Use our geolocation tools to find businesses in your area.

Awesome Algorithms

We theorize that your friends have the same taste you do. From quality vs price vs ambience.

Friend Cloud

The strength of your friends is the strength of your friend cloud.

How it works

Don't let our secret algorithm sauce scare you.

Download it

Free from the app store. Why not.


We integrate with social media for ease of use. We will see what sort of things you and your friends are interested as you are registering.

Search for a business

Our database of businesses, restaurants, stores and other places of interest are indexed with you in mind.

Build your algorithm

This is nothing more than building your circle of friends and letting their interests help guide your experience.


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About our team

Step up to the firehose of ecclectic genius. And drink heartily.

Rodney Lazar

Awesome Rodman.

Todd Mathison

Mobile Master.

Steven Scott

I am solvire.

Jennifer O'Conner


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